Took place on September 21 - October 6.
But you still can watch the program and appreciate
all of the projects on the W3rlds platform:
The First Metaverse Architecture Biennale
Presence of the Future
The program will continue to evolve and new events are coming.
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The biggest global architectural event in the Metaverse
This exhibition will take place from September 21 to October 6, beginning with a captivating public program from September 21-24, the event is bringing together top creators worldwide to manifest the significance of architecture and design in reshaping web3 and the Metaverse as a powerful platform for business and creativity. MAB will be open to everyone for free and requires only a computer with internet access.

Expositions by selected creators Killa Design, LAVA, PLP & others
Metaverse platforms:
Decentraland & W3rlds
Days of events and lectures
Global media partners, Collaborations with famous Web3.0 brands
What’s on:
The global event brought together top creators worldwide to manifest the significance of architecture and design in the Metaverse. Incredible architectural pavilions that fascinate with their beauty and futurism. Dive into our projects to witness the future of digital experiences.
Explore pavilions and worlds by creators leading the industry of virtual architecture
The true essence of the Biennale lies in its public program, scheduled from September 21st to 24th. It will feature cultural and entertainment events, including opening and closing ceremonies, lectures and public talks, Architecture Carnival, and other events. The lecture program is promising a one-of-a-kind lineup of design and Web 3 industry leaders, architects, and innovators, including representatives of HWKN, Devan, DressX, Artisant, MetaTrekkers, CBI Bank, Bem Builders and other companies.
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How it was
Biennale Manifesto:
'Presence of the future'
Exposition of the first Venice Architecture Biennale curated by Paolo Portoghesi
Plan of Giardini in Venice, where the Biennale pavilions are located.
The title "Presence of the Future" was chosen for the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale not just because it reflects our current situation but also because it pays homage to the first Venice Architecture Biennale, which was named "Presence of the Past." The 1980 Biennale, directed by Paolo Portoghesi, was a significant global event that brought together renowned architects such as Gehry, Hollein, Koolhaas, Venturi, Scott Brown, and Rossi. Their presentations and essays celebrated postmodernism as the dominant architectural style at the time. Today, our worldview and design tools have evolved, with digital technology being the primary medium for creating a new language and culture. Postmodernism has been replaced by a new term called Metamodernism, although its meaning is still subject to interpretation.
The "Presence of the Future" exhibit aims to showcase architecture's ability to reshape modern life in virtual spaces. As we witness new modes of communication and collaboration, we urge designers and architects to envision and shape our future. This exhibit brings architecture's life-changing power to the metaverse, setting a positive direction for its development.
Media About Us
  • Designboom
    Notably, the Biennale will pose a unique potential for participants to actively contribute to Web3 technologies, elevate their companies within the Metaverse, and gain global exposure. Anticipated to attract over 50,000 visitors and boasting the participation of 10 pioneering architecture firms, the event will offer an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and co-create the future of architecture and design within the digital realm
  • World Architecture News
    Inspired by the Italian architecture festival, the free online event will showcase virtual pavilions and worlds created by top architects, featuring digital designs from names including Killa Design, LAVA, PLP, ATRIUM, Soomeen Hahm, Spaces DAO, DA!, Il Prisma, SA lab, iheartblob, Mariana Cabugueira Studios, Illusorr and Drew Gilbert.
  • Stir
    In the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital world, the Metaverse Architecture Biennale 2023 emerges as a pioneering force, ushering in a new era where architecture and design transcend the physical realm to shape the virtual one. This groundbreaking event titled Presence of the Future invites you to embark on a journey that bridges the past, present, and future of architectural innovation.
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Metaverse Architecture Biennale
Presence of the Future
Presence of the Future
Metaverse Architecture Biennale
Metaverse Architecture Biennale
Presence of the Future
Presence of the Future
Metaverse Architecture Biennale
Presence of the Future
Metaverse Architecture Biennale
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