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In the rich tapestry of architectural history, there exists a consistent dialogue between past, present, and future. Our world has seen centuries-old basilicas stand beside modern skyscrapers, each era with its own distinct voice. As we transition into an increasingly digital age, the metaverse emerges as the new frontier, blending the boundaries of tangible and intangible, real and virtual, the past and the future.
We believe the metaverse, with its limitless expanse and adaptable nature, provides the perfect canvas for architects to reimagine, redefine, and reinvent. It's a space where the constraints of physics and materiality are challenged, where ideas flow unbounded. Through this biennale, we aim to foster a holistic exploration of what the future holds for architectural endeavors in the digital space.
Let's together navigate the endless corridors of possibility, celebrating the innovative spirit of architecture and its future in the metaverse.

Open Call for architects was organized in July.
There was a chance for other creators to showcase their projects among listed names. The open call was announced to select the most interesting design ideas reflecting the title of the Biennale and their authors is invited to join the show.
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Who We Are
  • Sergey Nadtochiy
    Dearch Space, CEO
  • Alex Smaga
    W3rlds, CEO
  • Rick Metaverse
    Metancy Agency, Founder
  • Valentin Sokol
    Dearch Space, Co-Founder, CPO
  • Arthur Tkachuk
    W3rlds, Co-Founder, CPO
  • Demid Osman
    Metancy Agency, Co-Founder, CTO
  • Anastasia Solomko
    Dearch Space, Project manager
  • Ivan Puzyrev
    W3rlds, Co-Founder, CBDO
  • Nikita Asseev
    Metancy Agency, Co-Founder, Art Director
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Creators driven platform which allows building unique spaces that can be designed to provide a variety of engagement mechanics.
Team of creative developers based in the Metaverse. Creators, developers, Decentraland influencers, owners of 300+ parcels, DAO active members, promoters and marketing pros.
Community of virtual architects and designers building the Metaverse, founded by experienced IRL architects. The studio designs bespoke projects, curates events, organizes contests and educates new creators.
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