(Un)limited Boundaries
Exploration of Metaverse Architecture through Form, Space, Material, and Movement

It's often stated that the Metaverse grants architects boundless avenues for expression. While ambitious, this assertion holds true when we envision the Metaverse as an immersive online multiplayer realm with myriad potential settings. Yet, currently, access is limited to specific platforms, defining the architecture's qualities. In light of the Biennale theme 'Presence of the Future,' we explore the existing boundaries of metaverse architecture.

Beginning with the concept of designing architecturally immersive pieces for avatar exploration, we conducted experiments merging form, space, materials, light, and movement to assess their interplay and user perception. Through tests with invited guests, we documented a matrix of glitches and novel architectural scenarios, revealing new metaverse architecture confines.

We present two pavilions exemplifying these intriguing limits. The Decentraland Pavilion accentuates interaction between visitors and oblique surfaces—floors, walls, and ceilings—creating a swirling path.

In W3rlds, visitors navigate exhibition halls titled 'Endless Glare', 'Stepping Up', 'Void', 'Inside-Out', and 'One Way Out'. Together, they form a large-scale, complex structure resembling the letter A from the entrance. The exposition concludes with a display detailing the project's research and additional unexplored boundaries.