Metavoxel Pavilion

Sergey Kru
Ilya Pereyaslavtsev
Vadim Aksenov
METAVOXEL expresses an extreme degree of infinity, both outside and inside, both in simple
and symbolic exterior forms and in the complex interrelationships of internal space. So is the connection of time and aspiration into the future, the transition from the physical to the virtual, a journey where the boundaries are erased.

Our METAVOXEL is the highest point of development, concentration and at the same time
complete emptiness, transition and the beginning of the new. Passing through the labyrinth and climbing to the top, one is immersed in the meta-universe and at the highest point there is an open space - the main hall, the accent action space. Outside is a cube capable of endless growth in all directions. Inside, it is a closed system of transitions built on the principle of organic interfacial curvature.

The new design language allows architects to step away from physical restrictions of spatial design and to accommodate in one space more than it is physically capable of. Having METAVOXEL as a fraction of much larger master space we can foresee the endless possibilities for metaspace to contain, structure and exhibit information in the form of user-friendly explorative experience.