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Anna Andronova
Sun Lidong
Akhmet Khakimov
Have you ever realized that all your life is simply just what your brain processes? Anything you remember, imagine and do is driven by neural activity.
Speaking of metaverse architecture, we might break from classical formmaking practice, and turn into neural architects of the brain. By offering new sensory stimulations in virtual reality, we encourage formation of new neural connections and expansion of one’s mind capabilities. Experience feels something between meditation, games and drugs.
Here in Neural Trip, we rely on AI-generated imagery rather than excessive modeling, being worldbuilders who create endless dreamscapes of memories and ideas where one can get lost — and find a new self.

Exposition in Decentraland
The Brain Pavilion in Decentraland acts as a portal to the subconscious world.
Intricate X-ray breathing structure looks absolutely ethereal compared to the overall toon style of the metaverse environment and welcomes anyone to jump in and make a deep mind trip.

Exposition in W3rlds
Spatial trip is divided into five chapters: Neural Lounge, Memory Forest, Breathing City, Ecstatic Realm and The Great Beyond.
From scene to scene, visitors are guided through dreamy and distorting lands to face their own rebirth upon waking up.