Morpho Genesis:
A Metamorphic Reverie
Dariana Andrei
"Morpho Genesis" beckons visitors into a poetic tale, emblematic of the butterfly's ethereal transformation. Beyond mere architecture, this pavilion signifies a journey of change, growth, and the delicate dance of life. By mirroring a butterfly's progression from cocoon to luminous creature, our pavilion crafts a mesmerizing experience that deepens the intertwining relationship between humanity and the intricacies of nature.

Exposition in Decentraland
Nested in the digital realm of Decentraland, "Morpho Genesis" unveils itself as a sanctuary. As visitors navigate its heart, they become enfolded by the butterfly's wings, glimpsing the universe from within this awe-inspiring being. The ambiance here is bathed in soft colors and harmonious melodies, encapsulating the tranquility and anticipation of life within a chrysalis.

Exposition in W3rlds
Venturing to W3rlds, "Morpho Genesis" broadens its tale. Boasting both intimate inner chambers and expansive external paths, attendees are enticed to wander the butterfly's intricate designs from countless perspectives. The exterior pathways brim with vitality, reminiscent of a leaf's vibrant veins, while the interiors act as serene alcoves, echoing the silent wonders of our world.