Yeisuan Ramirez Negrete
The "Experimentarq pavilion" project is about creating a conceptual architecture of the future. The idea was to design an interesting metaverse place, reconstructive, abstract and almost unreal, very quiet and a bit spiritual. All shapes, landscape and forms build a unique perception.
All the architecture is based on the Mexican typology, taking up the great history and above all giving it that plot twist towards a meta architecture, taking back to the baroque architecture of the XVIIIth century and taking it to the digital space.
The expression of our pavilion is to be able to take a piece of our mexican architectural vision to the world to create bonds of brotherhood through architecture, retaking the great cultural importance of our country.

Exposition in W3rlds
The object is isolated, it can be generated and adapted to different circumstances depending on the situation of the kind of sensations it needs to convey. The overall architectural form is very complex, which is reinforced by its organic and futuristic appearance.
Depending on the person inside (their thoughts, their mindset, their physical actions, their interaction and their perception in space), the object could adapt to them by changing its environment, its materials and movement, the intensity and color of the light, the projections and the theme of the screen. Visitors should be able to feel this exceptional and unusual atmosphere, as if they were in a place where everything is possible. And in a way it is, as its presence greatly influences the appearance of the interiors. The metaverse architecture had to be a living organism, perfectly adapting to the visitors and the event taking place inside; the concept of the project was to be an adaptable and evolving design that would have a continuous evolution. Inside the pavilion we hide an easter egg with a message of the awakening of consciousness towards a meta architecture as a resource to face reality and unite bonds as professionals and humans to take care of our planet expressing that synergy between reality and the metaverse.

Exposition in Decentraland
The main building, like the exterior forms, has a complex interior structure: several corridors lead visitors inside. The corridors create passages that draw people in and give them the opportunity to get lost while exploring the interior and viewing our projects and having an immersive experience in the architecture. Each of the corridors has a different size and length and their dimensions can change depending on the situation.
This sensation can be intensified through the use of holograms or projections for a full 3D experience and the visual illusion of a parallel world.