Mirror Worlds
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Giacomo Rozzo
Giovanni Mensi
Milad Mahdavifar
Guglielmo Padovan
Amalia Martino
We decided to participate in the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale to express Il Prisma’s vision on Designing Human Life in the Metaverse. We created our project in collaboration with Monogrid, a cutting-edge production company specialized in interactive digital outputs as well as in crafting immersive digital environments, engaging installations, and trailblazing content capable of pushing the boundaries of technology and making the unexpected happen at the intersection of the online and offline worlds.

Our interest originates from the fact that the Metaverse is first and foremost a form of reality, a kind of mirror of the “real world”.

From our point of view physical-reality and digital-reality are both real. Physical-reality is liberated, amplified and transformed into digital reality. Digital-reality is powered and generated by the physical one.

That is why for Il Prisma the quality of the Human Life experience will be denoted by the awareness of their mutual dependence: as physical reality determines the virtual one, likewise virtual reality generates an impact on the physical one.

We experimented this reciprocal influence by comparing two worlds within our project, which are the manifestation of two ways of designing spaces and thus the Human Life experience. The result is “Mirror Worlds”.

World Poly-198354 - virtual and indifferent to the physical world at the highest level - is the first experience encountered. It is the manifestation of everything possible; out-of-control in its obsessive display of polygons, colors and sounds. Everything consumes and is consumed there, within.

From here we leap into World Poly-851 a space of measured balance, fully aware of the impact on the planet and the humans of tomorrow, where colors, polygons and sounds efficiently exist.

From consuming all, now, unaware and disconnected from physical reality to creating something new without losing respect for reality’s other dimensions, and their future existence, we invite you to reflect on how these two worlds will be entangled from now on.