Lava World
In the world of architecture, a significant change is happening. Virtual worlds are transforming how we experience spaces, freeing designers from physical limitations, rules, and financial constraints. This transformation invites us to contemplate how our perceptions of style and architectural habits will evolve. Moreover, it beckons us to consider the invaluable lessons and insights virtual realms offer, which may reshape real-world architecture. Join us as we explore the boundless potential of virtual worlds in shaping the future of architectural innovation and design.

Much like Kazimir Malevich's Suprematism bold departure from established artistic principles, which involved discarding traditional notions of "top," "bottom," "left," and "right," architects operating within the metaverse find themselves uniquely positioned to return to the foundational elements of spatial design. In this context, there's no need to rely on the conventional toolkit of walls, columns, ceilings, and stairs. These elements can be streamlined into planes, more precisely, a singular surface. Our endeavor centered on the development of this concept: crafting a space using a minimal surface to serve as both an internal-external boundary, a delineator of vast and intimate spaces, and a conduit for circulation. Simultaneously, this surface can adopt a closed configuration, akin to a Möbius strip, enabling the continuous looping of space, enhancing its functionality, and introducing a novel dimension of quality.

The Pavilion in Decentraland serves as a simplified embodiment of these principles. Multiple levels within the structure are interconnected by a single surface, which, as it gracefully twists at its zenith, enables the utilization of both sides while seamlessly transforming the path into an endless curve.
The W3lds space extends the foundational concept from Decentraland, imbuing it with increased complexity to showcase nearly boundless expansion possibilities. Through fractal repetition, scalability is achieved, fostering a hierarchy of both compact and expansive interior spaces, awe-inspiring exteriors, and ample room for creative growth and exploration.