Uplifting Spiral
Leonardo Marchesi
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In the rapidly evolving realm of the Metaverse, where virtual worlds and design intertwine, a new experience is emerging: Digital Tourism, through virtual reality today is possible to admire virtual Architecture and experience a non-physical reality in an immersive way with people around the world simultaneously. Intending to be a reference point for this new form of tourism, the Uplifting Spiral aims to inspire and reflect on the role of human memory in the Metaverse Architecture Design scene, with its symbolism the spiraling tower represents the perpetual journey of growth and evolution; visitors will ascend through the interconnected galleries and will be guided on an uplifting and transformative voyage, stimulating curiosity, introspection, and connection with Ancient architecture knowledge.

Exposition in Decentraland
The Decentraland version of the uplifting spiral was conceived to fit in a typical 1x1 Decentraland plot, and thus was shrinked in size but not in its conception. An internal chamber directly accessible from the outside host a digital art gallery, which has a niche on the left side with a further exhibition space. The spiral its long enough to make one round of the building and gives access to a gardened rooftop from which is possible to admire the other pavilions of the biennale.

Exposition in W3rlds
The W3rlds version is way bigger, with its 50x50x50m the uplifting spiral reveals its monumental scale with large openings, an ethno woman chanting music sets the mood of the experience, the visitor is led to the internal chamber where a 3d hologram of the uplifting spiral floats and a series of digital artworks are exhibited on the walls, a staircase gives access to the ascending spiral which at time exhibit artworks on walls and at times give the visitor a sense of the surrounding through the corner terraces.
The Uplifting Spiral exemplifies the innovative possibilities that emerge when ancient architectural wisdom merges with virtual technology, encouraging a discussion on human memory in the current Metaverse Design scene.