Meta Mansion
Meta Architects

Muhammed Shawkat
Akshaya Rupasri
Guillermo Rage
Reem Bamanie
The starting point of our project, Vogue Meta Mansion, was the intersection of the metaverse and the world of fashion. This ambitious foundation propelled us into uncharted territory, embracing the realm of Web3 and the Metaverse—a virtual world operating on a decentralized Blockchain network. Inspired by our passion for innovation, we embarked on a mission to redefine luxury in virtual architecture. The mutual relationship between architecture and fashion design has persisted since the earliest days of human civilization. The Eleganza Hub project seamlessly blends the immersive experience of the metaverse with the captivating allure of high fashion. It is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries with the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse. Vogue Meta Mansion stands as proof of the potential of the metaverse as a platform for fashion innovation and a glimpse into the future of virtual cities where fashion and the metaverse seamlessly intertwine.

Exposition in Decentraland
Our project on Decentraland serves as the gateway for visitors, offering them a seamless entry point into our meticulously crafted Eleganza Hub. Within Decentraland, our project has been meticulously designed to centralize our project's symbolism at its core while actively engaging visitors in a dynamic and immersive journey. Visitors step into a world where they can interact with our vision, taking each step as a deliberate move towards a richer experience.

Exposition in W3rlds
Vogue Meta Mansion project on W3rlds stands as a testament to our vision, seamlessly merging architecture, fashion design, and nature harmoniously. Our villa serves as a stunning embodiment of the evolution of fashion design, showcasing the interplay between human creativity and the natural world. By integrating the beauty of nature within its structure, Eleganza Hub inspires visitors to explore the limitless possibilities of fashion and its profound impact on our lives, bridging the past, present, and boundless future.

Our design journey began with the ambition to blend our project seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, emphasizing the fluidity of our design. Situated on a cliff, our project capitalizes on the unique topography, creating structures that harmonize with the landscape. Our aim is to craft both a functional and artistic masterpiece that becomes an iconic presence within the natural surroundings.

Looking ahead, we envision the transformative potential of the metaverse, and our goal is to turn our present vision into tomorrow's reality. Vogue Meta Mansion redefines luxury in virtual architecture, bridging physical and virtual realms. It offers access to luxury NFT digital wearables, hosts private meetings, showcases fashion, and features an inspiring runway for Metaverse fashion events. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of fluid design shapes the future of virtual cities.