Hidden Loop
The hidden loop was created to perform as a digital wellness center with an immersive virtual experience for sleep, meditation and relax. Its design grew from the idea of mixing nature and technology, and the symbiosis between them. By recreating the calm atmosphere of a cave, this space takes us to primitive times where digital worlds did not exist yet, and it shows us how in the future nature will be still able to coexist with the new arising technologies.

Exposition in Decentraland
Discover the secret encounters that the Hidden Loop is offering and get lost inside an endless loop of meditation, tranquility and duality of nature and technology, past and future. This space is inspired by the concept of blending nature and technology, and the mutual relationship between them. It evokes the serene ambiance of a cave, where we can imagine a pre-digital era, and it also illustrates how nature can harmonize with the emerging technologies in the future.

Exposition in W3rlds
In the Hidden Loop, immersive healing areas are designed to offer a comprehensive multi-sensory experience. The continuous loop shape is fully integrated into a cliff next to a blue lagoon, full of secret encounters and an infinite journey. The design is provided and preserved by hollows, communication ramps, and moving platforms that connect levels.

The villa offers different spaces and areas for different types of meditation, such as yoga, mindfulness, breathing, music, and nature, creating a continuous path followed by sounds and different atmospheres. Users can also customize the villa according to their preferences, such as changing the weather, time of day, lighting and sounds. The project aims to create a sense of immersion and presence for the users, as well as to promote their mental and physical well-being. It has two main entrances from the beach leading to two main areas: the meditation plaza and the virtual plaza. They have moving platforms to access to the upper levels and the loop design communicates both.