Negar Hekmati
Sarah Ben Salem
LingoVerse is a place where the visitor can explore a unique self-reflected
experience within a visionary context. The architectural space which expresses the
"Presence of Future" theme is discovered through the transition between different
spaces and a lexical narration.
In this context, architecture can represent a narration, a recitation and a semantic
dialogue between the narrator and the space reader.
The designed space permits the connection and ascension from a stage to another
when the avatar is moving within or interacting with the words.
The main architectural composition is a shell that exhibits words, and is at the same
time open to the environment.
The space components are structured through a linear path, where the avatar moves
from one stage to another.

Exposition in Decentraland
In Decentraland, the spaces are represented as a pavilion of Words from two
different alphabets and realms.
The space for the exhibited words is enveloped within a shell. It looks like a bizarre
creature grasping you inside an unlimited world.

Exposition in W3rlds
In W3rlds, the LingoVerse is explored as a game for language learning or as a
space which exhibits words that will form the final poem.
The first space is a maze, where the visitor finds different possibilities of different
words in each direction of the labyrinth, and when he chooses the right word, he is
moved towards the right direction, first horizontally in the same slab level, then
vertically to the second then third level. Thereafter, the gamer can move to another
step, where he enters rigorously under a floating ring with different hanging words
and he can choose the right ones.
The path is leading to the final intriguing opening towards the Poem. The right words
collected in the different stages of the game will form the last poetic text extracted
From Persian literature which will appear in the end.