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Nicolas Turchi
Andrea Gallucci
'The Tesseract' stands as a visionary masterpiece within the inaugural Metaverse Architecture Biennale, embodying the theme of ""Presence of the Future."" Inspired by the enigmatic tesseract, a four-dimensional analogue of the cube, this avant-garde pavilion defies traditional spatial boundaries. Seamlessly merging the 3rd and 4th dimensions, it invites participants on a transformative journey where spatial limits dissolve. The pavilion's allure lies in its dynamic adaptation to users' presence, unfurling unexplored spaces with every step. Light and architectural forms intertwine to create an ever-changing symphony that leaves visitors in awe. 'The Tesseract' is a bold departure from convention, echoing the spirit of visionary architect Carlo Scarpa. It challenges the status quo, pushing the boundaries of architectural expression, and invites participants to contemplate the interplay between human perception and the built environment.

Exposition in Decentraland
In Decentraland, 'The Tesseract' is distilled into a sculptural marvel, offering visitors an intimate exploration of its geometric logic. This smaller-scale version provides an opportunity to delve into the immediate concept behind the pavilion. Guests can appreciate the fusion of dimensions in a more concentrated setting, all while preserving the enchanting interplay of light and form. This decentralized iteration serves as a contemplative space where visitors can ponder architectural innovation and the boundless possibilities of spatial design within a metaverse.

Exposition in W3rlds
On W3rlds, 'The Tesseract' transforms into an immersive urban-scale experience where visitors can get lost in an ever-evolving architectural landscape. This expansive version invites exploration, with visitors discovering new perspectives, views, and events around every corner. The interplay of light and form takes on a grand scale, mesmerizing those who navigate its labyrinthine dimensions. This iteration embodies the spirit of architectural adventure, encouraging curiosity and reimagining the future of architecture as an artful fusion of science and human ingenuity.