Absence and Presence / Luminal Conflux
Embark on a dual voyage of architectural discovery and self-exploration through two groundbreaking metaverse pavilions, telling a story of challenging conventions and elevating visitor’s perception of space designed to celebrate place, people and identity. Together, these pavilions stand as beacons of innovation, beckoning participants to venture into an intersection of presence and absence, reality and imagination. As boundaries blur, a transformative experience emerges. Traversing these architectural marvels is akin to traversing personal frontiers, as the ordinary evolves into an extraordinary odyssey. Amid the metaverse's expansiveness, embrace the dual narratives of architectural innovation and self-unveiling, as they intertwine to create an unparalleled exploration that transcends constraints and ushers in a new era of boundless possibilities.

Exposition in Decentraland
"Absence and Presence" is a pioneering metaverse pavilion that challenges architectural norms by creating a captivating space where reality and the virtual world blend seamlessly. The pavilion features a striking absence of traditional structure, with voids that intrigue and surprise. Its design seamlessly merges an aura of intrigue with a vibrant surge of vitality. At the core of the pavilion is an integrated elevator that symbolizes the fusion of physical and virtual elements. This pavilion embodies the metaverse's potential for architects to create innovative and immersive experiences, inviting visitors to question conventional architecture. ""Absence and Presence"" is an exhilarating exploration of possibilities, where innovation and imagination harmonize to create a seamless blend of the real and the virtual, inviting you to step into a new dimension of architectural wonder.

Exposition in W3rlds
"Luminal Conflux" is a boundary-defying metaverse pavilion that invites visitors on a transformative exploration. The pavilion's levitating black obsidian volume defies gravity, creating an awe-inspiring contrast. A slender gap between the volume and the reflective pool beckons visitors into a realm of weightlessness and wonder. Drawing visitors to explore the underside awaits an ethereal floating tree, its branches extending into circular voids.
Ascending the aero-lift into the mysterious black obsidian volume, the journey takes a dramatic turn, transitioning from the familiar to abstract realms of color and shape. This progression symbolizes the shift from the known to the unknown. After navigating the new and unchartered space, a reflective moment offers a sense of accomplishment. "Luminal Conflux" embodies the journey of exploration, guiding visitors through a metamorphosis of architectural creativity and self-discovery.

Together, these pavilions stand not merely as structures, but as storytellers, weaving tales of innovation and introspection. As you traverse their hallowed passages, you embark on a dual narrative, a path that leads beyond the ordinary, into realms where the extraordinary reigns supreme. Amid the boundless tapestry of the metaverse, let the symphony of architectural innovation harmonize with the echoes of your self-discovery, painting an indelible masterpiece that defies the boundaries of imagination and welcomes an era of boundless horizons.