We consider virtual spaces as escapism, a way of avoiding reality, as an immersion in an alternative digital world with its own rules. The reasons for “escape to the network” may be different, but one way or another, the Internet is a place where a huge number of people continue to run away from reality.
Our space is a metaphor for "an escape within an escape", it is a place on the Internet but far from information, it is hidden in a foggy forest of memory, behind a door next to a rusty swing. A space where its “smells” of a virtual analog familiar space where the viewer makes a loop from physical reality to its simulation inside the virtual space.
This is a place where the past has thickened so much that it can be taken like a pill from the present, without which our crazy race for the future can only lead to a premature outcome.
The point is to introduce the idea that sometimes each of us wants to just go away and hide, run away to our secret, peaceful place from everything that is happening around. This "hideout" can become a place where no one can ever find you. At some point, everyone is looking for a place for solitude, and even within the network such a place may not be useless.
In fact, in our project, we reproduce the model of an underground shelter, where each guest can hide from the technological and informational noise surrounding him, stay alone, hide from prying eyes.
Simulation of an old village house in an underground shelter at the edge of the forest with an old creaking swing. This is an object deliberately devoid of any aesthetics, an attempt to create a vernacular object within a new digital space.