A Meta Odyssey
SoomeenHahm Design
& Igor Pantic
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Soomeen Hahm
Igor Pantic
Hanjun Kim
<A Meta Odyssey> is an interpretative reimagination of ""2021: A Steam Odyssey,"" which was originally an exhibition designed by Soomeen Hahm Design and Studio Igor Pantic, previously showcased at the SCI-Arc Gallery in 2021. The exhibition was conceptualized around the notion that making in Mixed Reality (MR) reinvigorates traditional craftsmanship by augmenting hand and material skills with the precision and formal possibilities of digital modeling - occupying the territory between purely automated, exclusively robotically-driven fabrication and highly crafted processes requiring human labour.

In this evolved manifestation, the structure echoes the original, particularly its fluidity reminiscent of steam-bent timber. Advancing this foundation, it integrates novel materials, reimagining the design into an interactive, livable space. This transformation not only revitalizes its visual appeal but infuses it with practical functionality, bridging the gap between design and tangible utility.

<A Meta Odyssey>’s metamorphosis transcends a mere shift in medium; it heralds a broader reimagining of its conceptual limits. Embracing the metaverse, it breaks free from the confines of tangible space, beckoning a worldwide audience to engage and delve deep. This iteration heralds a fresh phase in design evolution, underscoring the fluidity and convergence of the tangible and virtual dimensions.