Hall of Eclipse
Space Lane

Khlebnikov Daniil
Makogon Ivan
Melnikova Olga
Gracheva Julia
Dun Ekaterina
"Ephemeral Stream" is our concept in the Metaverse, encompassing the meditative oasis, the library of thoughts, the cloud of dreams, and the garden of memories. In this unique space, users can embark on an incredible journey through the endless stream of the world and connect with it.
In the "Ephemeral Stream", users can begin their meditative journey, traversing mysterious spaces amidst clouds and smooth forms. Here, avatars can discover initial symbols and secrets, indicating harmony of opposites and wholeness in this metaversal world.

Exposition in Decentraland
Space where light and shadow play, providing the user with an immersive experience in a world of contrasts and contradictions, fostering profound reflections.
The pavilion's architecture echoes the concept of two worlds, blending colors to craft a distinctive image of a celestial being. Within its confines, you can glimpse its heart, embodied as an art installation.

Exposition in W3rlds. Garden of Memories
A virtual garden filled with symbols and artifacts from the user's past. Here, one can walk through paths of memories, relive moments from life, and feel a connection with the past.
The pavilion's architecture features fluid, unconfined forms, lacking distinct walls or frames, allowing visitors to stroll through it. The structure itself is divided into three sections, symbolizing the three locations within the world.