The metaverse is a space for statements, architectural experiments, research of the human psyche in a world where there is no materiality.
At the beginning of the work on this project, we decided to pay attention to how the world was represented long before scientific progress. The first historically known concept of understanding and representing the Earth was taken as a basis - a giant disk surrounded by an ocean.
The trajectory of the inverted figure eight - infinity - the eightfold path, which leads to the cessation of suffering and liberation from samsara.
In this project, we are talking about the ambiguity of the human mind. Possessing the highest value, it is the repository of knowledge, emotions and sensations. Our whole life is in the subjective reality of the intellect, which leads to the question: does objective reality exist?
The way we perceive reality depends on a person`s state of mind. There are no uniquely positive or negative emotions - they are all woven into a complex puzzle, where diametrically opposite emotions can replace each other with the help of various intricacies.

Exposition in Decentraland
In the virtual world of Decentraland, the canons of reality cease to have any meaning, the laws of physics do not work, a building can have absolutely any shell.
The objects presented in Decentraland are a preview of the overall complex, consisting of seventeen objects. They are connected by a common spectrum of emotions and are located one after another. Their example shows the interaction of objects in a common chain: the transition from sensuality to amazement or vice versa. Once inside, the avatar opens up the world of the emotion he has chosen, in the form in which it is presented to the author of the object. A person has to go through all the stages with complete immersion in the awareness of feelings.

Exposition in W3rlds
The project is a group of objects embedded in the grid of the tree of life symbol that is depicted in the flower of life. The tree of life is a map of the human soul and the process of creation; the flower of life is a symbol of the forgotten language of the universe. Both of these symbols are multifaceted and contain many concepts.
Objects are located at different levels relative to each other, floating in the air. Thanks to this, when you look at the project from two angles, you can see the outlines of the infinity sign, which refers us to the eightfold path.
Each object displays one of the emotions, which contains a whole range of sensations and meanings that each project participant has found in himself: from euphoria to selfishness. All of them, of course, are subjective, just like our perception of reality.
The center of the project is the "observation deck" that represents a pure unclouded human mind. It is neutral with respect to other objects - emotions.