Presence of the Future Seasons
The Ninjas

Bruno Charles
Ines Pereira
Maritza Rubio
Teisla Klein
Exposition in W3rlds — FUTURE SEASONS​
In this "Future Seasons" journey, architects, designers, and thinkers join forces to create a future where every season brings fresh opportunities for innovative, eco-friendly designs. They aim to make our world more comfortable and sustainable. It's like a team effort where they learn from nature and apply these lessons to their work.​
During spring, they're inspired by nature's renewal and design buildings that are friendly to the environment, incorporating plants and sustainable materials. In summer, they harness the power of sunlight, crafting spaces that feel open and invigorating.​
Autumn prompts them to adapt, much like the falling leaves, as they create structures that efficiently use resources and can adjust to changing conditions. In winter, their focus is on keeping us warm and cozy, all while being mindful of our planet.​
Ultimately, "Future Seasons" is about these professionals working together to build a future where each season sparks fresh ideas and sustainable designs, making our world a better and more harmonious place to live.

Exposition in Decentraland — INFINITY SEASONS​
The idea of "Infinity Seasons" encourages architects to use their imagination to change how we experience the seasons. It's like a challenge for designers to think about a future where the seasons aren't just ordinary times of the year but instead become exciting and interactive.​
The main goal is to show how nature and technology can work together in a good way. As this idea grows, it gives architects more chances to work together and come up with new ideas. It asks them to rethink what seasons mean to us.​
Instead of the usual four seasons we know, "Infinity Seasons" wants to take people on an exciting journey through a world that keeps changing all the time. In this world, buildings and nature mix together in a way that's hard to explain, and as time passes, each season brings new surprises.​
In simpler words, this proposal challenges architects to use their creativity to change how we understand and feel about the seasons. It's not just about spring, summer, fall, and winter anymore. It's about creating an amazing and ever-changing world where buildings and nature come together, and each season brings something new and exciting. It's all about showing how technology and nature can be friends and make our lives more interesting.