Cyber Sanctum
Untitled. by Maria Touloupou
Our pavilion, "Cyber Sanctum," invites visitors to embark on an extraordinary pilgrimage of self-discovery that transcends the boundaries of diverse mediums - the physical, the virtual, and the spiritual. This immersive experience goes beyond aesthetics, becoming a harmonious convergence of distinct realities, all crafted and influenced by the architecture.

At the core of the "Cyber Sanctum," sacred geometry finds its purest expression. It transcends the confines of time and space, evolving into an art form that deeply resonates with the essence of the self. Within this ethereal sanctuary, lines and curves blend harmoniously, weaving a mesmerizing interplay of virtual solids and voids, of digital light and shadow. The focal point is the fluidity of form, guiding visitors into a tapestry of ever-evolving shapes. This fusion of technology and the sacred serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of elements across realms, an intricate dance that defines our existence. It underscores the profound influence of architecture on shaping the experience of self, whether in the physical or digital medium.

We invite you to utilize our footprint shell in Decentraland as your portal to fully immerse yourself in our pavilion, nestled within the realms of "w3rlds." Here, your journey begins in the era of light, where fluid lines and interconnected forms give rise to two semi-open spaces - the 'Meadow' and the 'Oasis.' As you move through our pavilion, you'll transition into a shadow environment, similar to embarking on both a spiritual and physical journey. This underscores how architecture plays a key role in influencing our behaviour and experience.

In whichever platform and medium you find yourself; architecture remains the unshakable foundation of the human journey, exerting its influence on our behaviour in both the virtual and physical worlds. As we unveil our entry at the Metaverse Biennale - the "Cyber Sanctum" - we extend a heartfelt invitation to all who seek a transformative voyage of self-discovery and harmonious coexistence. Immerse yourself in the fusion of technology, architecture, and the sacred. Witness the interconnected essence of contemporary existence and join us in crafting a unique sanctuary within the metaverse.